☆PREVIEW☆ of new jewelry coming soon!☆

Hello hello lovelies~ ☆(★* ∀ * ) ♥
How're you doing? Here it comes...September!! I was so dreaming this magical month to come fast, although I love summer this year is been so so hot! I'm in love with autumn so I'm really happy eheh~ ( o* 3 * o) ╯
Lately, I've decided to focus all my energies and attention to create lots of new items, so, during this long period of time, I made quite a lot of fresh new things, and I really hope you will like them!
Some preview pictures:

The super big news of them all! A new character is born, the Dreamy crystal pegasus! ☆::: (★´//v//`)

Glitter star candy necklaces。.:*☆!

Love message candy heart necklaces~~♥

Magical fairy tulle hair bows! ☆::

Again, I focused my attention and crafting on hair goodies, since I am loving making them so much!~

Fancy "Love" Bears bag charms!(√*'v`♡♡)⌒☾✰:: Those new sleepy bears are super big and colourful!✰ (◍ ´v` ◍)

I hope you all will like these new friends! ★::: ∩´/ /❥/ / `∩
See you super soon!!♪

☆PREVIEW☆ of new jewelry coming soon!☆

Good morning cute dreamers~ ☆(❁´◡`❁) ♥
During the last weeks I really did my best to make lots of news for you, I so hope you like them!
This time I focused my attention on hair goodies, since it was a long time I wanted to make some, eheh~
For this occasion I can finally tell you about the first part of a collaboration I'm doing with the super talented Seana of Lovely Soda, which whith CCK already has worked before, do you remember the "Melty unicorns series?
Her designs are really wonderful~♪ ( o* 3 * o) ╯★
I made these Lovely conversation hearts 2WAY clips out of a cute design of her~

Thesed lovely candy hearts can be worn both on your clothes/bags and pinned to your hair!

And here you are some pictures of the new jewelry worn by me, eheh~ (◍ ´v` ◍)

Please, keep an eye on Lovely Soda, please! ★
And again, other news!

Hearts & stars glitter pastel barrettes, super dreamy!

LVE letters necklaces ~ Super glitter e colorful!

And sweet pastel toned earrings with candy hearts and lovely bows~★

See you in a while for the next update cuties! I will work hard to make the CCK bags I promised you some posts ago~ Moreover, other sweets collaborations will come really soon! ★::: ∩´/ /❥/ / `∩

☆PREVIEW☆ of new jewelry coming soon!☆

Dear cute dreamers~♥
Today I want to show you some new jewelry that will be available soon on the next update!
Lately, after years of hesitation and feeling inconclusive, I finally decided to undertake the hard venture of "sewing"! ٩(* ᆺ *๑)۶

This heart shaped bag you see above is still unfinished but it will be the first of a new CCK bags☆ collection I'm working on!
It's still rough and need to be finished and sewed but I'm really hopeful about improve my sewing skills and I'm surely going to let this passion grow and make always better anhd hopefully cute and original products!

Another small but super important news is about the material which the CCK jewelry are made from, to be more precise, colors and pigments which are going to color the casting resin~
Some time ago, I finally found the particular color variety I needed, and these are really super quality, lasting and so bright!

A little w.i.p. of raugh pieces still to assemble and refine, eheh (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♥

And last, I created a new collection of 80's inspired earrings, big pastel heart shaped earrings with magical shooting stars, cute bows, or even simple~

See you super soon for a new update full of colorful new jewelry! v

ミ☆ Spring Lucky Pack

Hello lovelies! (◍ ´v` ◍)
It's Cute Can Kill 4th anniversary, and for this special occasion, we decided to do something for the first time! A Lucky Packs (Fukubukuro 福袋) shop update~
This particular kind of sale is mainly used in Japan, the first days of every new year, and basically, as the name suggest, they are "surprise" packs containing a certain value worth of items, but they are for sale at a less value.

We made a "themed" kind of Lucky Pack, which includes a special item from the most popular Cute Can Kill collection~
Important: Each picture shows an example of what you can find into the bags, colors will be various and they are random depending on the availability and some items may be different from the one shown in the picture, but basically they will still be Cck style~

I really hope that you will loike this surprise! Happy spring (with a bit of late :P) to everyone! p.s. You can find the LUCKY PACKS in the ring section over here~

ミ☆ New graphic for Cute Can Kill

Hello little cuties!

Today is a very special day...
As you can see, Cute Can Kill has a super new design now!! ( o* ◡ * o) ╯★
I've been working on it during this month and now I can finally show it to you!
I'm so excited and pretty satisfied with it, I think it fits Cck items and style much more now!
My intent was drawing something which would have spread a magical atmosphere and give you the feeling to be in a dreamy and cute little world over the rainbow and clouds, where you could meet little magical unicorns, bears and other creatures~eheh

I really hope this definitely will work out for you all, I'd love if you felt part of this dreamy world, even if only for a moment~
I want to thank you all my friends, I'm so grateful to some of you which have supported me during this period, gave me precious suggestions and also just making me company while I was working~
I would send a million of kisses and lots of love to my friends Ribbon, Mio, and Seana, in particular~ You've been really precious and darling!

Please, take a look around, you will notice other little changes, and new parts of the website, as the new gallery section with some of my past artworks and so on~
As I promised to you early, I will release the Spring Lucky Packs really soon, now that everything is ready!

Expect them to be released in a week or a bit more, I'm sorry if I delayed this further more, but I really hope that you will be happy about them and waiting for them, even then!

Many kisses to you all, little dreamers, and be ready for many other exciting news!

ミ☆ Some news! ☆ミ

Hello Cuties!
After a long long absence finally Cck is back again~ ☆:::
It's been a while since the last shop update and the last event we attended, many many things happened in the meanwhile since then, (◍ ´v` ◍) like the fact that Cute Can Kill will be run by me only, (Lila♥) from now on~
I've been reflecting and trying to re-organize and manage my ideas and work during the past months, I'll surely dedicate myself and try my best now that everything is back to work and hopefully it'll be great and funny even then! ♪♫

Here some of the latest designs I was working on, these two are actually two unique designs I made for a special person, but I will start a new collection with cute words and charms, very, very soon!

A little polka dots tulle bow~

I've also attended a Japanese Convention and I would like to thank all of you that came to support me or just to say hello~

I'll show you lots and lots of news about Cck, new designs and items, collabs, events and so on, you just need to be a little more patient! <33 See you soon!★ :::

ミ☆ Christmas update! ☆ミ

Hello cute glitter lovelies! ( o◠ ◡ < o) ╯★

Christmas is coming and we, cute killers, would like to spend it with you in a very special way! ❤ We updated our shop with tons of new items! ☆:::
This time you'll have the chance to receive super sweet accessories as a gift for you, so you can have more cutie presents for your chirstmas gifts! °.•°•.★*

You'll receive a lovely rocking horse phone-strap or a super colorful baby pastel bear brooch for every 20€ of purchase!* (╯*´▽`*)╯☆ミ

Here you are some lovely news! ♥

☆ミ ☆ミ ☆ミ M e r r y C u t e C h r i s t m a s t o y o u a l l ! ☆ミ ☆ミ ☆ミ

p.s. Without shipping cost. It's better to make your order within this week to avoid possible posts time lags~ ;D

Tons of cuties!

Dear lovelies and cuties! We're back after the amazing experience we had at the Lucca Comics and Games comicon with tons of sweet news for you~♥ ~

This time we've really put the maximum effort in it and we uploaded a lot of new jewelry for a bigger choice!

A little preview of what you can find available from now on:

We hope you like them!

We have other surprises for you so, stay cute!

Sweet fairytales~?

Cute can kill you, we're sure about it, but... Cuteness can also bring you in a fairytale and a dreamy magical place, isn't it?~

We're back to update our shop with new jewelry and some new themed collection, like the Dreamy enchanted castle!

And these two big pop style cherry heart earrings~ We love them!

Another super important thing about the shop is that this update will be the last until the middle of november, because we'll attend a big comic convention very soon~

So, the shop will remain open until the next sunday ^ u^

The moon-bear is coming!♥

Here we are again cuties! <33
This time we want to show you our dearest friend, the adorable fairy moon-bear~ Finally the new t-shirts featuring this new lovely friend t-shirts ♥Fancy Bear♥ have become available on our shop in three pastel colours and in black .
The little moon-bear will bring you in a fairy galaxy full of rainbows and shooting stars!

We also uploaded lots of other new accessories, like the rocking horse bracelets, teddy bears necklaces and much more~ See you soon cuties
See you soon~♥

Sparkling news for a big sparkling update

Hellow cuties! <33
We're finally back and we officially open our shop from now on~ u During the last months we've worked a lot for the Japan Expo comicon but now we're ready again to bring some happyness to you all~

There're so many news this time, we hope you'll like them~

We really hope to bring you, even just for a minute, in a fairy lovely galaxy of sweetness!

See you soon cuties

:::★ Japan Expo report! ★:::

Hello cuties! ★彡

We're back home just few days ago from Paris after have attended a really fabulous comic convention called Japan Expo as you probably have read a week ago~ :heart: We had so so much fun and also tired a lot but it was really worth it! * u * We're so so so happy to have met you all, and to talk with some of you after only chatting on the internet, finally we had the chance to talk in real life~ ^ u^

I would to thank you a lot of people here, like Mio Pastelraindrops and Jacqueline, who supported and helped us giving us delicious snacks to recover energies and good moments to take a little pause from work~♥

Then also all the girls from the Tea-time booth, Julie of Fleur en sucre, Ally from Allystar creations and also Princesse Pudding and the other two girls, they were really really lovely and friendly and helped us a lot with tips and suggestions~
Also, obviosuly, we were in love with all the jewelry and things they had for sale at their cute booth! * u*
We also had the chance to see many of you in such a lovely coords and clothes and they were really really nice!
we can definitely say that it’s been an honour for us if we added a little piece to those perfect outfits with one of our creations ; 3; ♥

For this occasion we've decided to open our gallery section with some of the JE pics~ ^ u ^ <3

You can browse it just by clicking on menù~> gallery~> convention

Thank you everyone who came at our booth and also who came and just give us a smile, we're so happy~ :star: :::
see you soon with new updates! <33

With love ★:::

:::★ Still few days before JE Starts! ★:::

Hello lovelies! ★彡

As you can see we've temporarily closed our shop because we are working hard to prepare everything for this beautiful event~

Here you can see a little part of the event map and you can find us in the HALL 5A to the left of the garden at the booth JC34~

and here you are the link to the whole event map~ here

We can't wait to meet you!! :star: :::

With love ★:::

:::★ Cck goes to Paris! ★:::

Hello lovely friends! ★彡

Today we're really really happy because finally we'll reveal a big news and surprise we was keeping secret until now~ >w<
The next convention we'll attend will be out of Italy but rather... in Paris!!!
You can't even imagine how happy and excited we are! > u<
Thinking about having a booth with our jewelry outside our country is just thrilling and having the possibility to do this in a city like Paris, that we love so much, is better than everything~

Now we're working hard to produce and craft many many new items for this occasion! ^ u^

Above you are our banner, we'll also turn this design into a postcard, posters and a new t-shirt!
You can find all the informations about the convention here~ ♥
Oh and keep an eye on us during this month, we'll post about some previews and new items you'll find in Paris ~
We'll wait for you, everyone who will have the chance to come and meet us, we can't wait!! (o* A*)/

With love ★:::

:::★ The crafted prizes! ★:::

Hello lovelies! ★彡 Here we are finally the finished prizes of the "Draw and win your Cck creation" contest~ > w<

We hope you'll like them ★:::

First prize:

Ice cream bear necklace by Mio Pastel Raindrops~

Second prize:

Ice cream galaxy necklace by Jesse Poore~

Third prize: *surprise!*

Whip cream melody medley necklace :star: by Audra Jayne~

Below you can see the original design we turned into the jewels~

Thank you again to all who entered the contest~
See you soon with a new exciting news!

With love ★:::

☆ミ Melted unicorns! ☆~

Hello cuties! We're so so happy to finally show you the realized items from our collab with the sweet Seana *pastelsprinkles*! (o^ u^o) ☆ミ

It's all so creamy and delicious we would take a bite! ;3

Here you are a pic with the items of the pink set all togheter~

We hope you'll like them how we do~ With love ★:::

☆ Art collab! ☆~

Hello cuties! First of all we would to thank you for your continue support and for entering the giveaway and the contest! (o^ u^o) ☆ミ

We'll pick up the winners very soon, so stay tuned!

Now we want to talk about a wonderful art collaboration we are working on with a lovely artist from USA called Seana~ :::
She is a really nice person and we instantly fell in love with her art and drawings~♥ Her style is just perfect for our tastes and reflects so well all the things we love most

So we are more than happy to show you the first preview of a set of 3 that will be available in our shop soon, and in limited edition! ^ u ^ ★★★

Lovely cream unicorns, melted stars and moons are waiting for you!




The next week we'll also update the shop with a lot of news! You'll find new rocking horses necklaces and big and colorful hair bows too!

For last we have a super exciting news to tell you but you have still to wait a bit! Then see you soon lovelies~:::

ミ☆ "Draw and win your own CUTE CAN KILL creation C O N T E S T" ☆ミ~

Good morning lovelies! Another contest is starting, just for you! Please, enjoy! ☆ミ

We can't wait to see your drawings!

^ u ^

•All your drawings will be posted on our fb page album~

•The deadline for entry is may 20/2011 and you can mail your drawings at: contest@cutecankill.com

•Remember that the sooner you send it the more chance and days you have to get more ♥likes♥

• Is not permitted to exchange votes or giving gifts to get votes.

Lots of love and kisses~

ミ☆ CUTE CAN KILL 3° Anniversary G I V E A W A Y ☆ミ

Dear lovelies Today it’s the Cute Can Kil 3° birthday! (*・∀・)/

We’re going to start a new giveaway for to celebrate it with you~ (o● ω ●)☆ミ♪ <3

The two winners will be chosen randomly on May 10 and they will get these lovely prizes:


☆ミ Magical heart with moon and stars ☆necklace☆~

☆ミ Fairy moon (pink) ☆ring☆~

☆ミ Glitter star (yellow) ☆ring☆~


☆ミ Magical toy with stars (yellow) ☆necklace☆~

☆ミ ☆ミ ☆ミ ☆ミ 3rd CUTE CAN KILL GIVEAWAY RULES: ☆ミ ☆ミ ☆ミ ☆ミ

First of all you must become a fan of our Fb page http://www.facebook.com/cutecankill

You can enter this giveaway and sharing it through various network and websites:

★Your blog
★Your website

What you have to do:

On facebook: Share this note on your profile and leave here a comment writing “Joined and shared” and link your fb profile page~ ( ^ w ^•)

On your blog or website: you can post this image http://www.cutecankill.com/3giveawaycck.jpg and the link to this fb note~ Please, leave here a comment with your blog/website link

You can share it on one or more websites, you will have then more chances~ Just let us know in comments~

The two winners will be chosen on MAY 11 through Random.org, the random number generator website and then we'll contact you for having your adress and then ship your prizes!


Shooting star and Rocking horse~

Hi cuties!
We have some news to talk about~
First of all we want to thank you all of you lovelies that joined our last update... you have been so warm with us! (o ^ u ^o )

Thank you so so so much to you all!

Now let's get onto the news... here you are two new characters/designs <3
A fairy and lovely rocking horse with rainbow hair...

... and a pastel glitter rainbow shooting star~ :::

They will be available on our website around the first week of may <3

Another important thing we want to talk about is that we have finally found our *Dream glue*! ... some of you are just wondering what does she mean with it, right? ;)

In fact, we've always tried to get the most quality material but, in the same time, we also work to keeping our products affordable by everyone, especially using new materials able to keep our jewelry safe and protected from the usage or damages.
Usually the kind of accessories that most of all are subjected to this are the rings~ They stay on our fingers all day long and we're used to do a lot of things while we are wearing them, so, the most important goal for us it's always been find a *Super strong glue*!
The one we were using is quite strong, but it's happened sometime that the ring falls off from its base and this is not a good deal right?

So, we have to inform you that from now on, all the rings (included the ones of the last update) will be firmly attached to the bases, and we're super happy of that! o^u^o
And this it's all... See you soon cuties~ :::

Fairy unicorns army!

Hi lovely cuties!
This update is full of lovely news!
Sweet translucent hearts filled with marshmallows and candies, big colored 80's earrings and a lot of new unicorns! We hope you like them! (o ^ u ^o )

A lot of stars and sweets to you all~ :::

Yay cuties!

Hello cuties!
Here we are and we made for you a lot of new jewelry!
Sweet heart lollipops, pastel macarons and new big star and heart resin charms with the fairy unicorn Cck design casted in! (o ^ u ^o )
We decided to update our website more often so the next weeks there'll be another batch of new items, so.. stay cute babies!!

With love~ :::

Yay cuties!
Biiiig update!!♥

Hello all you lovely cuties!
We're back with loads of news, finally!
The new collections are available now! o^___^o
The biggest news is about a new material we wanted to improve to use, the resin~ *A*
We really like it! It's so shiny and glossy and you can have a lot of effects and translucent items~<3 > w <

We hope you'll like them as we do! Thank you~

With love~

Big update!!
A lovely sweet Christmas to all!!

Christmas is coming and we wishes you all lovely cuties to spend happy and sweet days!!
Your beloved little killerZ are working every day to the new collections and design of the new items, eheheh
We'll back in january with tons of surprises about new materials, styles and collections!
Can't wait to show you all! > w <
Happy happy holidays cuties!!

With love~

Big update!!

Hello cutieees!!
We're back and we loaded many new items!
This winter will be full of news and big suprises~ New version of unicorns and ponies will come soon!
For this update, we want to make a gift for you guys! The first 8 persons who will shop at our website will receive one of those cute candy heart rings as a gift from us! ^___^
Good luck and happy shopping! ~<3

Thank you all!


Comicons report and lovely news!

Hello lovely cutieees!!
A long time is passed since the last post!
As every autumn, we joined two big comic conventions and we had a lot of work to do!
It's been an awesome experience, as every time, and we met a lot of friends and new people!
Then we've taken some time to rest, and now we're ready to start to kill everyone with cuteness! ;33
We'll make a lot of updates for Christmas and there will be many surprises! A new collection, the return of sweet cake boxes and much more! Keep an eye on cuties!
See you soon!


Summer Sales and Cutie Card!
Hello lovely cutieees!!

We have two big surprises for you!
Summer is ending and you'll get a 15% off sale on Cck accessories !

The other news is the Cuties Card!

What is the Cuties Card

The Cuties Card is a fidelity card that allows you to get discounts on Cck accessories
You will receive the card as a gift for a minimum purchase of 20 €.

Thank you and happy shopping!!

Loads of news accessories!

Hello lovely cutieees!!
We made a loads of new accessories this time!!
New little lovely friends are waiting for you!!

Click on accessories and read all the informations about shopping and shipping! ^ ___ ^
We hope you'll like the new stuff! See you soon!!

Happy happy news!

Dear cuties and lovely friends!!
We are so happy to announce a super news! English shop is now online, all of you international customers now can shop at this new english website!
You will find a lot of coloured and fairy accessories and we promise we will do a super large update in the next weeks, full of fairy unicorns, ponies, star keys and other lovely new items!
For any problem contact us through the contact form and we'll provide you further informations!
Happy shopping!
Kisses from

The cutie killerz ::::